“I was lucky enough to attend group sessions and a one to one session with Ahimsa. It was an amazing experience. The sound bowls take you on a breathtaking journey and along with Beth’s warm-heartedness and passion for them, it makes for a truly magical experience which I feel everyone should try. I cannot recommend Beth highly enough. You go to her as a stranger but leave her as a friend”.

Ciara, Montessori Teacher March 25, 2015

” I would highly recommend a sound healing treatment with Beth! The vibrations from the singing bowls heal at a very deep level and Beth is very warm and intuitive and puts you at ease to facilitate your healing! It is a truly unique experience!

Tara King, Acupuncturist March 25, 2015

“I first met Beth last Summer. I was a participant on one of her courses – 7 week Chakra with Sound Healing & Reiki, which focused on a different chakra each week. It was a fantastic workshop. Her presence and magnificent energy was magnetic. She made everyone feel so relaxed and at ease. After the blissful evening with her and Marie, I felt so mellow and calm on my journey home. Beth is a great healer. If you feel your body is imbalanced or you are ‘out of tune’ emotionally, Beth’s healing will raise your frequency and you will be soon be back ‘in tune’ with yourself. She gives a fantastic head massage too. She is a rare diamond! I am really looking forward to another treatment soon”.

Lou Sotiriadis, Spiral Up Therapies March 27, 2015

“I have known Beth for several years now and what a wonderful kind heart she lives from. From the moment you meet her you are drawn to her passion for the healing work that she does. Not only does she heal you with her wonderful gifts but she also shares her insights which are amazing. If you want your life to open up in wonderful ways then you need to open your heart ,mind and body and this lady can start that process for you and continue to heal you as you carry on your journey”.

Irene, New Life Florist March 27, 2015

I met Beth in River Holistic Centre, Raheny many years ago. The Centre had an open day and the therapists  were offering half hour taster session. Beth was doing  sound healing using Tibetan bowls, so I went to the session and

I was blown away with the therapy. I’ve tried many therapies but nothing ever like this before. I booked three one to one therapies and have being having therapies with Beth since then. Beth work in Castleknock as well as Raheny.

I co run a Network for Reflexologists and we invited Beth to speak to our group and give us a group therapy session. The feed back from the group  they found it amazing and so relaxing. Some  of the group went on to have one to one therapies with her.

She is a wonderful bubbly person, who is so intuitive and full of knowledge, and her love for what she does radiates from her. I’ve had the  pleasure of knowing her and experienced wonderful healing from her, both in  private therapy session or on her wonderful healing workshops which she does with Marie.

I highly recommend Beth and this therapy to you.

Elizabeth Murphy.

Elizabeth Murphy, Reflexologist May 4, 2015

“Beth is an amazing person with such wonderful warm energy. I first had the pleasure of meeting Beth at one of her relaxing days with Marie, and what a day it was!

Both ladies have wonderful energy and together they created an absolutely wonderful day. I cannot recommend these days enough, they are simply beautiful.

A one to one session with Beth is just as wonderful. Her room is so warm and inviting, its very easy to completely relax and as soon as Beth works her magic with the bowls it feels like heaven! I would recommend Beth to anyone, from people who just need a bit of chill out time to people in need of some in depth healing, Beth and her amazing bowls are magic!”

Stephanie Kelly

Stephanie Kelly May 27, 2015

Beth’s workshop was brought to my attention by a true friend. I took myself off to a day workshop not really knowing what to expect.What greeted me was a friendly open group of people who didn’t know each other but were immediately put at ease by Beth and her colleague. We experienced Sound Healing and Reiki during our day with group meditation and even time for a cuppa and a chat. This is a beautiful session and the energy is one of total honesty, openness and completely ego free. Individual healing was given both morning and afternoon followed by feedback. These guys are totally dedicated to healing and their willingness to share is overwhelming. I came away wanting more and feeling nurtured, re-energised and happy.

I have been involved in the healing world for many years and Sound Healing with Ahimsa is top of my list. Definitely making time to go back.”


Suzanne, Tai Chi Master May 27, 2015

” I had a wonderful day with wonderful people. Being around people with positive energy makes me smile everytime. And that smile was still there this morning after the workshop and I intend to share it freely today. I woke about 3am this morning to a sound vibration, I got up and walked around the house to see where it was coming from, I finally came to the conclusion it must be coming from within. Thank you.”


John Rafter May 28, 2015

“I went along to a workshop not really knowing what to expect but I then left knowing I wanted more. I will definitely be making time to for myself to experience an individual sound healing session.”


Stephen Dodd May 28, 2015

Beth, thank you and Marie for the lovely experience. It was quite special and Michael loved it too, it was a very positive experience and I’m delighted for himas he doesn’t always find it easy to relax. I feel very happy now and content, its great to be around like minded people. Thank you both for your special gift, both the Reiki and the Tibetan Singing Bowls will resonate onwards. I very much look forward to it again, much love to you both.

Caroline Whitson

Caroline Whitson, Dublin September 30, 2015

The universe worked its magic the day I bought a raffle ticket, and won, at a holistic fair for charity. I met Beth there, she is a beautiful lady, so welcoming and friendly. I felt I knew her all my life.

I had my first appointment and wow, this lady is so in tune with her work. She was born to do this, her wisdom and knowledge is outstanding.

I highly recommend Sound Healing Therapy to everyone out there. Beth is a gifted healer whos love and care is felt throughout her work. It has been a real pleasure to have met your beautiful soul, you are my earth angel!

You will never know how grateful I am to you…the 6 weeks of sessions have just blown me away. Thank you.

Helen Bird, Reflexologist

Helen Bird, Reflexologist July 20, 2016