Welcome to Ahimsa Whole-istic Therapy! At Ahimsa we are passionate about providing affordable well being services through peaceful practices, creative projects and positive people.

Our main focus is on Sound Healing Therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls, but also very happy to say we offer other wonderful things too and cater for both adults and children alike.

As well as our stand alone therapies, we run workshops and classes in various venues, including corporate wellness and private workshops, choosing from everything we offer! We also collaborate with others and provide practitioner training too.

For full details of what’s available here at Ahimsa simply visit here.

(if there is something you really feel in need of or are drawn to a particular course but finances are currently flowing the way you’d like, please do reach out to me as I am always happy to work something out where possible).

A Little Bit About Me

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for the alternative and holistic modalities in life, an inner knowing if you will, that this was my soul’s purpose. Yet somehow between my early taster of studying holistic health many moons ago and working professionally in the holistic field now, a whole lifetime of other things occurred.

After revisiting my Australian roots for a while, my thirst for wanting to experience as much as possible lead to years of working, very happily I might add, in various fields such as HR, Marketing, Health & Fitness, Media and so on . It was these experiences that ultimately lead me to running my own business consultancy for 8 years. As the universe would have it, when the door closed on this it thankfully opened another leading me to doing what I always loved – Ahimsa! So here I am, happy out and getting to do what I love every day, and with all of you helping to make it possible.

Remember, experiences are what feed our minds, nourish our souls and aid our personal growth so be grateful for every one of them. Every single step (& divine timing!) has lead me to where I am today, working to bring about positive changes in peoples lives. I am fulfilling my soul’s purpose. I am home.