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Determination At It’s Finest

Meet Tracey –  she’s a warm, compassionate, bursting with radiant energy, love filled, adventure seeking kinda gal. Such is her determination to live her life without limits that I feel should I look up the word determined in the dictionary her picture would be sitting pretty beside it!

Tracey introduces herself as an Author, Travel Entrepreneur, Life Coach and Public Speaker. All sounds great right? Now repeat the introduction while bearing in mind she does all this without what most of us take for granted, a voice. All of sudden sounds better than great doesn’t it! Without any warning whatsoever a condition known as Muscular Dystonia got a grip on Tracey affecting her muscles and her speech.  She was only 8 years old at the time.

One of Tracey’s mottos ‘metamorphosis is not just reserved for the moths and the butterflies’ is a strong indication of the way this amazing young woman’s mindset works. I have met a lot of people both personally and professionally, who have inspired me greatly but it wasn’t until Tracey walked through my door that I understood the depths that sheer determination and motivation can go.

Now over 20 years later and through her impressive work Tracey is helping others to believe in themselves and be the best they can be no matter what their story is. To Tracey, life has no limits. A moment in this young woman’s presence is uplifting, inspiring and an absolute privilege. I am so excited for Tracey as she conquers yet another dream with her recent book launch. She is passionate about sharing her story in order to help as many people as possible. This gal has not only turned her story into a positive but she has done it with sheer determination, grace and unlimited love and beauty.

Tracey would like to reach out to as many of you as possible with her story so lets show our support for this incredible young woman who despite not having a voice, speaks more wisdom than most. Spread the word!

To find out more, buy her book or to connect with Tracey, watch her here.

Well done Tracey, keep shining your bright light x