Thinking Out Loud

The Sound of Silence…

The Sound of Silence…

Many of you will remember a few months ago I introduced this rather amazing, beautiful & talented young lady, Tracey McCann. I know Tracey made an impact on you as much as she did me because I received some truly heartwarming feedback after I shared her story. Tracey is passionate about helping others to see that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. She is living proof that no matter what our story is we can do anything if we believe in ourselves and adopt a positive mental attitude.

During some recent meditation I felt compelled to switch of all sounds and just sit with the silence. What followed in the silence was of incredible depth and power that it reminded me of just how invaluable silence can be. This in turn lead me back to the glimpse I caught of Tracey’s world since meeting her and felt it was worth sharing some of her joie de vivre again.

Tracey was diagnosed with Muscular Dystonia when she was only 8 years old yet words like inspirational, determined, belief and positivity only begin to scratch the surface of Tracey’s amazing spirit! Like the rest of us, Tracey has hopes, dreams and goals but what sets her apart from many of us is her unwavering dedication to making things happen and creating positive change in the world. She may not be able to talk the talk but this inspirational young woman can certainly walk the walk when it comes to going after what you want which, for someone who can no longer speak is indeed a pretty impressive feat.

Tracey is currently working on many different projects but is especially excited about finally being able to speak from the heart by sharing her full story with the world in her upcoming book. I imagine everyone who meets Tracey is left with the same realisation of what a powerful force she is. What amazes me even more is she has no voice yet I can hear her louder and clearer than a lot of others out there.

Do yourself a favour and watch her video today, guaranteed to leave you smiling.

Tracey’s youtube channel is under construction but you will be able to catch up with her again shortly through her various upcoming projects! Tracey has also asked me to let you know that she is always open to hearing from anybody who would like to share their own stories, thoughts or would simply like to reach out and say hello. We are all in this life together – if you would like to email Tracey you can do so on

* I would like to dedicate this months piece to Tracey and to all those like her out there working hard to make a difference for others. I am honoured that when I had nothing to say (which doesn’t happen often!) Tracey stepped in and said it for me. Keep shining your bright light x