Elizabeth Murphy, Reflexologist

Elizabeth Murphy, Reflexologist
May 4, 2015

I met Beth in River Holistic Centre, Raheny many years ago. The Centre had an open day and the therapists  were offering half hour taster session. Beth was doing  sound healing using Tibetan bowls, so I went to the session and

I was blown away with the therapy. I’ve tried many therapies but nothing ever like this before. I booked three one to one therapies and have being having therapies with Beth since then. Beth work in Castleknock as well as Raheny.

I co run a Network for Reflexologists and we invited Beth to speak to our group and give us a group therapy session. The feed back from the group  they found it amazing and so relaxing. Some  of the group went on to have one to one therapies with her.

She is a wonderful bubbly person, who is so intuitive and full of knowledge, and her love for what she does radiates from her. I’ve had the  pleasure of knowing her and experienced wonderful healing from her, both in  private therapy session or on her wonderful healing workshops which she does with Marie.

I highly recommend Beth and this therapy to you.

Elizabeth Murphy.