Rose Water & Rose Water Toner




Rose water, one of my favourites and something I use every day. It leaves skin so soft, hydrated and gives that fresh dewy look, oh and that smell! Heaven in a bottle!

This 100ml bottle is made from organic roses and water and has so many benefits such as;

– helps balance the skins PH levels

– soothes skin irritation

– it’s anti inflammatory properties reduces redness

– can reduce fine lines and wrinkles

– great for helping set make up

– is a very refreshing facial spritz

– rose is a high vibrational essence making it ideal  for meditating

Definitely a must have for all rose lovers!

100% natural and handmade here at Ahimsa x

• please note, when ordering be sure to let me know if it is rose water or rose water toner you would like as they are slightly different dilutions.


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