Meditation Blend




Essential oils have long been used to enhance meditation practices as they help promote feelings of calm and relaxation, support a deeper spiritual connection, help centre us and boost our wellbeing.

This particular blend is made up of fractionated coconut oil, myrrh, vetitver and lavender with a hint of patchouli oil and can help in ways such as;

  • cleanse our body of negative thoughts and emotions
  • reduce anxiety and stress to encourage soothing feelings of calm, rest and tranquility
  • promote mental focus – particularly helpful for mindfulness practices
  • help deepen spiritual connection while also helps to ground the spirit (balance is essential)
  • help with emotional stability

This little bottle packs a lot of positive vibes into it!

You can add a couple of drops to the palm of your hands, charge it up and inhale to benefit your meditation session, add a drop or two to your wrist or blend some with distilled water in a spray bottle and use to spray the space you are meditating in.

1 x 10ml dropper bottle.


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