Aromatherapy Consultation



Every single one of is unique and have different needs and requirements so I am very happy to offer private Aromatherapy Consultations to those of you who need that bit more of a bespoke custom blend.

I’ve tried to keep the consultation process  as simple as possible for you whilst still ensuring everything gets covered and you receive the best blend specific to your needs.

The health form will only take a couple of minutes to complete and once I receive it I’ll set aside some time to go through it and make your individual blend based on the information given.

Sometimes I might require additional information so please make sure to include your contact details just incase and of course an address where you would like your bespoke blend sent to.

Every consultation includes a full assessment and bespoke blend for you personally. It is all done from the comfort of your home too!

Inspired by nature, created by Ahimsa 🍃


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