Thinking Out Loud

Paying Kindness Forward For July…

I am paying some recent overwhelming kindness forward with these pay-what-you-can-appointments available for the next couple of weeks!

One thing I feel every single one of us needs to understand is not only do we deserve time out and self nourishment, that it is in fact essential to our well being and existence. In short, it is not selfish to put yourself first, it is a necessity.

I am also very passionate about everyone being able to access some form of healing / services for our well being on every level. Occasionally my work allows me to be able to help that little bit more through projects such as this one…….NOW, is one of those times!

You can a book a Sound Healing Therapy or Indian Head Massage by;

Text – 087 1216655 or Email –

All you have to do is book, pay what you can and pay it forward by showing some extra kindness to others. Its that simple!

Always follow your path with a full heart,

Beth ॐ