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Pay It Forward Through Positive Post

This is an exciting project I have wanted to run with for quite some time now. Due to one thing or another though timing hasn’t been quite right, up until now, yippeee!

There are a few different angles I want to develop with this project, some still a ‘work in progress’ but for now I’m just going to start with this and will keep you posted as it grows –

My mission is to help spread positive vibes around the globe by sending little snippets of positivity in the post. This will be through various different ways but all arriving through your letterbox. I’ve been on the end of such post and something as simple as knowing someone is thinking of you can help, at the very least, brighten your day and continue to ripple outwards.

One of the many great things about it is the upbeat feeling you experience while helping to spread the happy vibes, it’s a win / win, giving and receiving at its best. As I mentioned already, there is many ways to send out positive post – use your imagination or simply send some kind words, it’s up to you! There are no rules when it comes to spreading some happy but I would ask that obviously you respect others and only send to people you are sure to be open to receiving it.

If you would like to be on the receiving end of some positive post simply email your address to me (strictly confidential) at and when the time is right it will arrive, kind of like a nod from the universe when you most need it. Then, simply do the same for someone else, like paying it forward via the post.

I hope to expand this project in other ways so be sure to check back for updates every now and again! And please, do let me know how you get on, I’m always happy to hear from you.

Beth at Ahimsa x

Ps – always remember what you may consider a tiny action has the potential to be a huge positive for someone else so never underestimate the power of what you share ♥