Thinking Out Loud

One Man, One Universe and Me!

I had a completely different article planned for this month’s E-zine, one I was particularly proud of as it felt like it came from somewhere deeper than usual within me and it’s those kind of truths I l find best to share. It will keep though & divine timing will see it surface when it is meant to. So why the last minute change? Because of one soulful man…..Wayne Dyer.

Many of you who are familiar with Wayne’s incredible work will know the news of his passing is filtering out across the world. As I think of the wondrous influence his teachings and his wisdom have had on me over the years I quickly realised with heartfelt gratitude that it is because of him I AM where I AM today so he feels like the fitting choice to share my thoughts on this month!

There is an abundance of amazing tributes being made to Wayne, online, in print, in thought, in gesture and in all sorts of wonderful ways. The love is beautiful to see. I am not going to even attempt to try and put into words the positive life changing effects he had on me, and will continue to have on me, for there are no words to describe what is vibrating in my heart for this fellow human being. Sometimes, there simply are no words. I also do not feel the need to say what millions of others are saying about him as they try to achieve the impossible and encapsulate all that is Wayne Dyer. It is suffice for me to just know how he made me feel about myself, life, love, compassion & oneness.

What I will say though is, I know what I feel in my heart will live forever and continue to touch others through my work as I’m sure it will countless others Wayne so positively impacted on. And for this I AM greatful.

One thing I find quite incredible about his passing is the overwhelming sense of joy I also feel. Not exactly something you would say out loud when someone dies but yet it is radiating from everywhere when I think of him. A man as special and as gifted as Wayne Dyer could only know what he taught us because he already lived it, many times over. Such were his beliefs that he could only possibly be celebrating his passing therefore joy is everywhere & after all, we are one!

Many of you who have come along to my workshops and classes will be familiar with The Moses Code or The I AM that I AM as I refer to it! My journey with Sound Healing lead me to this powerful form of Sound Healing meditation and one I still use practically every day in one way or another. Wayne Dyer describes it as one of the most powerful meditations in the world and used it every day himself. When I first discovered it I remember being in awe that Wayne Dyer and Sound Healing joined forces so to speak. This makes me laugh now as of course he knew about the power of sound; he was a lot further along his spiritual path than I was at the time!

For those of you not already familiar with The Moses Code, I simply cannot recommend it enough. I will also allow Wayne himself explain it to you as he does a far better job than I do!

In love, compassion and oneness I would like to thank Wayne Dyer for the part he has played in my past, present and future path. I would encourage us all to celebrate life now and to celebrate when we move on too because the best is yet to come (and I’m pretty sure Wayne will let us know)!

Beth, I AM Ahimsa ॐ

I would like to dedicate this piece to Wayne Dyer and two other beautiful beings, Emily & Helen, who also remind me on a daily basis to live in the moment and love always.

for those who would like to learn more about Wayne can visit his world of wisdom here