Thinking Out Loud

Mums The Word…

This year I am turning 40. Allow me to repeat that – this year I am turning 40 – nope, still no panic setting in! It seems a day doesn’t pass without some friend or another asking me what I’m doing for it. Then comes the ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe you are 40’ part quickly followed by the ‘how do you feel about it’ question from them.

In all honesty…I feel great about it! I feel so proud of everything I have accomplished and so happy to have made it to 40. I’m definitely on the fabulous forty side of the fence, what’s not to like, I’m alive and I can smile!

But this isn’t about me and how happy I am to be embracing 40; it’s about how I am arriving at this milestone a free spirit and intact …in two words, my mum.

Mothers everywhere in all their forms will be celebrated this weekend. I am grateful every day for my mum but I am also grateful to have an official day, compliments of Hallmark, in which we can make an extra fuss of her. I use to run from such consumerism and favour the ‘I’ll celebrate when I want to’ status but now I am totally ok with anything that has love at the heart of it, something else my ever inspiring mum instilled in me.

All that I am is because of my mother. Growing up she was like this magical goddess who could somehow make everything better no matter what it was. Truth be known, she still has this magical ability regardless of how independent I think I am and even more impressively, when I might not agree with her the same magical result happens. How do they do that!?

Every story I have in my life’s memory box begins with her because her story became mine the day I was born. I have laughed, I have cried, I have been angry, sad, happy and everything in between, sometimes all at once (those hormonal years!). I have had life changing experiences, some heart breaking and some exhilarating. I have had my fair share, like everyone else, of ups and downs but the one thing consistent in all of these scenarios is my mum. I can’t remember a moment when she didn’t turn the darkness into light.

If ever there was ever a time when saying thank you doesn’t seem suffice, it’s now. How do you thank someone enough for loving you unconditionally through everything life throws at you? How do you thank someone enough who helps you learn your life’s lessons? How do you thank someone enough who always knitted you a smile to turn your frown upside down? How do you thank someone enough who has made you the positive, kind hearted, brightly lit being that you have grown into?

To me, thank you doesn’t begin to even scrape the surface but I will gladly continue to say it (and a sneaky thanks to my Dad too because he’s just as awesome!). But perhaps the best way of expressing my gratitude is to keep living my life as the good person her constant nurturing, encouragement, knowledge, unconditional love and beautiful big heart has carved me into;

– Treat everyone as equals and with kindness and respect

– Always believe in myself (knocks are an opportunity for growth!)

– Live from my heart and without ego

– Do whatever makes me happy

– Love openly and allow myself to be loved

– Always dance to the beat of my own drum

It is impossible to mention everything above but what I will add is I consider myself very blessed to have so much guidance from such a loving source. I also acknowledge that without a doubt, mums are probably one of the most powerful forces in our universe!

Wherever your source of motherly love comes from, let them know you love them with all your heart.

I dedicate this to my beautiful mum, Alicia. Without you I would not be the woman that I am today.

Happy Mothers Day!

x ॐ x