Thinking Out Loud

Make A Difference and Spread A Little Kindness This Christmas…

I can’t quite believe it but there’s no denying the magic of Christmas in the air, yippee! It feels like I only unwrapped last year’s presents a few short months ago and here we are about to open more. The older I get the more I learn to embrace the passing of time, even if it does go quicker than I’d like. And whilst unwrapping presents always makes me revert back to being a giddy kiddy, I must admit I now prefer presence over presents.  Wisdom really does come with age!

I am however also greatly aware of the other side of the Christmas coin, the less shiny and more rugged one. I know it’s not a currency everyone can comfortably use and for that reason, this year I am not going to fill this space with all things wonderful and festive.  I do not wish to be a bah humbug either but merely to raise more awareness and acknowledge those that struggle this time of year and hold them close to my heart and healing intentions.

My work constantly teaches me about how others need help. Whatever their struggles are though there is always something we can do to help make a positive difference. And I repeat, always. That very difference comes in the form of love, kindness and compassion. So my message is simple this year – enjoy whatever your Christmas is to you but please also take time to acknowledge those who find it a difficult time of year by showing them some loving kindness. Kindness, no matter how small the act, can have the ability to change someone’s life.

Kindness isn’t just for Christmas but it’s as good a place as any to start. Another fantastic place to start is over at Make Today Happy Here you will find an amazingly big hearted and beautiful kind soul called Helen. Some of you might remember Helen from other times I have shared her caring spirit with you but for those who haven’t already discovered this inspirational woman I encourage you to connect with her.

Helen is constantly working to spread her kindness mission as far and wide as possible despite battling daily with CFS. Since launching this year’s Kindness Advent Calendar only a couple of weeks ago she has had literally hundreds of thousands visit her blog from over 172 different countries, BBC Radio, The Huffington Post as well as US news stations and numerous other media platforms cover her kindness campaign. And to top it all off, as of today her calendar has had over 300,000 downloads! How amazing is that….think of all that kindness!

This is great for so many reasons but for me I particularly love how no matter what, at the end of the day people want to choose good. Not only has Helen single headedly created this ripple effect of kindness, she has restored my faith in humanity. This is an incredibly high note to end the year on and I am beyond grateful to Helen and all those like her who actively make the world a better place. So get on board and be part of the bigger picture, help make a difference and let’s flood our planet with kindness.

You can also connect with Helen on Facebook and spread a little kindness here or if tweeting is more your thing then you can find her here

* I offer this piece up for a peaceful, warm and loving Christmas for all, all those who struggle and to those who help to make a difference in our world