Thinking Out Loud

Life Is What Happens In Between Wifi Signals…

A recent moment of clarity, a lightbulb moment, whatever you want to call has lead me to my new found surge of positive energy. Then I realised, in fact it’s not new at all, I have simply learned to fall in love with the old all over again. Everything about me, my beliefs, my inner being, who I am, is still exactly the same but yet I feel more alive than ever. And for this I have poured an extra big helping of gratitude over my breakfast this morning. How did I arrive at this moment of clarity…?

Over the last few months I have been fortunate enough to enjoy some extra quality time with family and friends in the most incredible surroundings, situations and through stories (new and old) that will be told for years to come. With siblings scattered across the globe it was the first time our family (extended and newly added members!) had been altogether in full, in years, in such an amazing capacity and having this time was the final part of a jig saw I was subconsciously working on for the last few years. It enabled me to strip everything right back, fully disconnect from technology, from trying to make life work, from what some call the rat race, from negative situations (yes, they can seep in when you aren’t looking) & from generally trying to survive.

Don’t get me wrong, I am in awe of many of the amazing things technology brings to the table and how it can compliment our lives beyond the imaginable, both personally & professionally. And yes, while I agree it can make many aspects of our lives easier, what I don’t like is how it can take over and make us forget the invaluable positive effects from time spent with humans, nature, even ourselves and to just be around each other never-mind all the life experiences yet to discover or reconnect with. Those who know me will know I am a firm believer of ‘disconnecting to reconnect’ & only by stopping everything did I remember the true value of life and how when we get these magic moments in life we should nourish ourselves with them, fuel up for the future so to speak.

I was put back in touch with other incredible things too like how nature has given us so much, for example just watching a bird go about its daily routine reminded me they inspired aircraft, swimming with some beautiful fish reminded me they inspired the very flippers I had on to swim with them! The nourishment we take in every day from mother earth, whether its food, a visual feast or some other way, she should be deeply appreciated by all. This spurned on even more thought, the parallel worlds existing below us in the ocean and above us in the sky all at the same time, everyone and everything is just trying to get on with fulfilling their purpose of their existence.  Then in came the overload of memories of some of the wonderful friends, connections, and opportunities etc. that have been put in my path over the last few years (and still keep coming, even this morning!). Some of these memories caused the tear ducts to open I felt so blessed and some caused me to laugh out loud (sometimes in inappropriate places!) but ultimately it’s all good so I welcomed it.

These thoughts & feelings I was experiencing are all things I thought I was aware of and grateful for on a daily basis as they make up a huge part of who I am but by stopping everything and getting back to basics for a while I realised that while yes I was aware and practising gratitude every day that I had in reality forgotten the depths to which they reach.  Turns out I needed to revisit those depths for a very long time but I’m just glad I got there in the end. It’s very true that no matter how positive your outlook on life is, it can be difficult sometimes and we can easily find ourselves lost. Existing can be hard, sometimes things don’t work out the way we want, things can go wrong and quite simply life can be s**t. BUT, being aware of that as well as all the great stuff I now fully understand when reading this quote by Eric Thomas; “Fall in love with the process and the results will come”. And even better, when you have that understanding, your fears will fade away.

So, with all this in mind, I cannot encourage you enough to disconnect to reconnect, from whatever stops you switching off properly. Find yourself again and remind yourself what’s important to you. Do this and hand everything over, learn to trust the process and fall even deeper in love with your life. Sometimes it is too easy for people to get caught up in the glorification of busy when in reality it is achieving nothing only your time which could be more wisely spent elsewhere but we’ve forgotten where exactly. Or sometimes we get too caught up in doing too much for others that we forgot ourselves and before you know it you’ve reached burn out. It is way too easy to forget ourselves and what matters deep within us & makes us feel alive. Stop & ask yourself are you really living from your heart or being driven from something else that isn’t necessarily right for your ultimate purpose. If you are living from the heart you really will be ok, better than ok…you will arrive at that magic moment too where all of a sudden everything just makes sense, in a way that you never thought possible and when it does you better be ready to get living the rest of your life!

I have so much to get moving on with now and I’ll be doing it my way and with a happy heart and love for all.

Make time for who you are,

Ahimsa ॐ