Thinking Out Loud

Life Is Like A Rubik’s Cube…

Today my attention was grabbed by our dear old friend, the Rubik’s Cube…its a long time since I actually had a go of this little genius so I picked him up and smiled as if I was greeting an old friend. As I got comfy (domestic duties suddenly pushed to the bottom of today’s to do list!) I pondered if I’d be any better at it now compared to way back when. It was only a few short twists and turns later that I began seeing the cube in a whole different way, it was now my life in my hands.

I began to see each little square as different elements of me and how just like the cube as a whole, altogether they made up who I am.

Once this parallel registered, my heart & my mind instantly began identifying all the individual squares; peace, love, gratitude, family & friends, spirituality, freedom, compassion, health, happiness, joy, healing, self worth, productivity, making a difference, helping, values, morals and the list goes on. And yes, before you think that all sounds so sweetness & light there were some squares that had less desirable feelings & emotions identified as part of what makes me, well me. But that’s when it hit me, the beauty of the less desirable squares can be changed with a twist or turn and shouldn’t be seen as a negative!

There are no wasted twists, turns or tumbles, each one along with every individual square is an opportunity to learn and grow. Whether we consciously line up the right moves or not is actually irrelevant. Obviously doing it with intent means we learn our life’s lessons quicker, but what’s important is realising that what we might perceive as negative or a road block in our journey is actually the universe lining up something so much better for us then we could possibly imagine!

If you imagine your being as a Rubik’s Cube, it’s pretty incredible to think that each of our squares that makes up our cube are all connected to a bigger, brighter picture. And the pièce de resistance is even more incredible; There are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 ( 43 quintillion) possible ways to solve a Rubik’s Cube – this is possibly the reason why I haven’t played in so long, unless you are one of the world record holding speedcubers you just don’t have the time or patience (one of my squares I’m working on improving!). But when you arrive at that moment of glory and realise it’s not about completing the cube perfectly and more about about embracing every part of it, doing the best you can and enjoying your journey to the bigger picture…. that’s when it all just falls into place & we really begin to live.

43 quintillion possibilities is more than many lifetimes worth of opportunity so remember the next time you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall there are more alternatives than you can possibly comprehend! Have a little faith that the universe has got you covered….enjoy playing with your Cube knowing the pressure is off to have it all figured out!

Who knew our Rubik’s Cube would be such a beneficial distraction today!

“There is a divine plan behind everything, and if we allow ourselves to be used by that unseen force many things can happen in a mysterious, miraculous way” – Satchidananda

Beth @ Ahimsa ॐ

I would like to dedicate this piece to all of you; that you find the right pieces to your puzzle in 2016