Thinking Out Loud

It’s Just A Phase

It’s Just A Phase…

Sometimes things feel extra shitty and that’s perfectly ok.  Sometimes I don’t have the energy to be my usual happy self and that too is perfectly ok. It’s at these particular times I’m reminded how everything, like the moon cycle, is just another phase and again, like the moon, shall pass too.


It somehow reduces whatever it is that’s bothering me down into bite size chunks therefore making it more manageable. When something is manageable, hope is created and where there’s hope….well, anything is possible .


So with each new moon comes a sense of achievement for me. Another phase of lows and highs, another phase I have survived and am stronger for. No matter what it is that’s weighing you down, yes it’s relevant but remember….it’s just a phase and it too shall pass. 


For all of you who need a gentle hug right now.

Beth @ Ahimsa