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Holistic Gifts…

During the pandemic it became harder and harder to access wellness services. Covid times meant you could no longer come to me so I had to find another way to help bring wellness to you which resulted in putting together a range of aromatherapy care packages.

I am so glad I answered the call when Aromatherapy came knocking. It gave me a way of still helping others while we couldn’t physically be together for wellness workshops, classes and therapies.

Through my aromatherapy I was offering delicious body butters and scrubs, lip balms, soaps, pulse point oils and more – all of which are 100% natural and handmade with love by me here at Ahimsa. Every single creation also bathed in the healing sounds and vibrations of my Tibetan singing bowls making them gifts that kept on giving.

You might notice I am speaking in past tense and this is mainly because when I launched my aromatherapy range in early 2020 it took on legs of its own which was amazing as it allowed me to stay connected with you all during very difficult times. I was super grateful for this and for still being able to help others. However, once we finally emerged from those strange times you fantastic folk were back in person for your much needed touch of well being and boy it was so good to see you. Problem is, it quickly became quite clear that trying to sustain the aforementioned legs my aromatherapy sprouted on top of everything else wasn’t going to be sustainable.

So with a heavy heart I decided to hit the pause button on my aromatherapy range, just for now, until I can find a way to strike a balance. I am only one person, a very grateful one I might add but I can only do so much! Bear with me for the time being and I’ll keep you posted when its back on the table.

With love and gratitude, Beth at Ahimsa x