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Happy New Cheer!

Hello & a great big welcome to another new year everyone. We all know how crazy the last couple of years have been so I’m not going to go on about it but what I will say is I really hope that despite it all, you still managed to find some positives. Focusing on even the teeniest of positives can be the difference between make or break.

I’m not one for NY resolutions as I feel they tend to make folk start off their year under a certain element of unnecessary pressure instead of absorbing the fresh hope filled vibe of a NY.

I am however a big fan of positive lifestyles changes that can be made anytime of year – so, with this in mind I am making a couple to reflect the work / life balance that will best serve my happiness and health while fulfilling my purpose in helping others. These are my changes;

I was never one for spending hours on social media or mindlessly scrolling so I’m starting this particular change off from a good place. In short, I still want to lessen my time spent on devices so I can see real life unfold around me rather than through a screen.

The problem so to speak is that when you run your own business it can be very hard to switch off fully. You feel you have to be available 24/7 for people which, of course is ridiculous. It is just not possible and nor should it be. It is perfectly ok to have a life outside of your work and in fact it is a necessity to partake in it to be happy, whole, healthy and balanced.

Then there is the aspect of people contacting you through social media as their first option. I do it myself, need to know something, want more information, I’ll look it up on Facebook, Instagram or whatever your chosen platform is. This itself is perfectly fine IF you are implementing the changes that I am….and stick to it. The more platforms your business is on, the more maintenance required, the more avenues to be contactable etc. and while this is good for business it can also unfortunately all add up to falling under the being available 24/7 pressure. For me, it stops now. It does not mean and never will mean I don’t value and appreciate YOU. I am beyond grateful for each and every one of you who enable me to do what I love and that’s helping you. I am merely finding a way that’s healthier all round to maintain the work that I love!

So this is what I am proposing to myself;

I am on Facebook and Instagram – 2 platforms is enough – and will post content once a week. Please feel free to still contact me this way if these are your preferred choices, just remember that I will only be active on it weekly but will always reply to you when I am. If you would like to reach me quicker then read on!

I will be checking my emails daily so this is probably the best option to reach me quicker if you are reaching out for anything. My email is I will also check in on phone messages daily and can be messaged on 087 1216655.

I will still send my monthly newsletter to those of you on my mailing list. If you would like to receive it you can subscribe here or simply email me and I’ll add you!

Phew, that feels like a weight is lifted! It is my hope for each of you to be able to find a way(s) that works for enriching your existence. Positive change is always possible, sometimes even the smallest of change can be all you need to make things flow better so take the time to see how you can find your own flow.

With love, Beth @ Ahimsa x