Thinking Out Loud

Great Expectations…

Alot of what I write about comes from collective moments of inspiration and clarity. These moments come about in different ways, different situations and through different people. Sometimes I’ll let them sit with me for a while, archive them in my soul so to speak for when the time is right to share but sometimes it is instant. This is one of those times.

Suicide. Most of us have been affected by it in some capacity during our lives. We hear about it, read about it, are aware of it and perhaps know someone personally who has sadly left us by these means. Or perhaps you have had these thoughts yourself? Either way it can be difficult to know how to broach the subject but a good place to start is by talking to yourself. Yes you read it right, talk to yourself! I don’t mean having a full blown conversation out loud walking down the street or as you saunter around the aisles of the supermarket of a Thursday evening (though if this works for you then go for it!); I’m talking about those inner conversations with yourself.

Try asking yourself are you aware of your own rhythms? Are you aware of life around you, like the earths rhythms? If you aren’t aware of things like the seasons then you have lost the connection to earth’s timetable. Loose these and you will most likely find you have lost your connection to self. Ask yourself are you in pain anywhere, whether it be emotionally or physically. If you answer yes to this then recognise it as your body calling out for help. Listen to yourself and act. If you can’t listen to yourself then you will find it hard to listen to others and accept help.

Often the great expectations we allow to be put on us by society are unrealistic. This idea of having to be a certain way, be seen to have certain things or be something you are not is equally destructive as they are unrealistic. We allow ourselves to be pressured, even glorify being busy but it’s not a productive busy, it’s an ‘I’m killing myself to be perfect and conform to society’ kind of busy. This is NOT how it has to be.

It is ok to make your own decisions. Stand in your own skin and say ‘this is me and I’m perfect just the way I am’. You will discover the courage to this by talking to yourself. If you take time to talk to yourself then you will know when to ask for help and avoid other less fortunate outcomes such as addiction or suicide. I find walking, cycling or swimming for at least 20 minutes a day is a great way to connect with myself and talk it out. Find your way to do the same.

Drop the great expectations and get talking to yourself.  And remember to repeat to yourself ‘I AM ENOUGH’ as much as you can.

I would like to finish off by thanking who I refer to as ‘a very wise man’ for his inspiring talk on suicide resulting in sharing this piece with you all. ॐ