Thinking Out Loud

Going Dotty in 2018!

I was never one for new year resolutions as I feel we can end up feeling under even more pressure. I tend to try and live in a continous state of making positive changes where needed. They don’t have to be a huge deal, even the tiniest step in the right direction can be enough. I do however love entering into a brand new spanking year and reminding myself of the things that are important to me. Things like knowing new life and colour are just around the corner, more time in the great outdoors lies ahead, new plans and adventures with friends and family await, growing with my work and being open to new opportunities…
Do you remember as a child doodling on paper and joining the dots to reveal the bigger picture? I can still remember the excitement working on this little exercise brought me, random dots (or so I thought) joining up to reveal something much bigger, much clearer. The not knowing of what you were creating but that inner knowing and trust that the dots would all come together as they were meant to. It was like magic yet somehow over the years I managed to lose sight of some of it.
Thankfully though I recently overhead a comment about how God was not the stereo typical bearded young man many of us were brought up to think of him as, more he was, or is this one great source (no matter what your God is) of being who is in a constant state of doing, providing all the dots each of us need to live our lives. This immediately resonated with me, it felt right and very comfortable as I was transported right back to that space of inner knowing and trust as I joined the dots. It dawned on me I am still joining the dots all these years later, we all are, albeit in a slightly different format but we simply need to trust how they will connect. We need to get back into that space of inner knowing, deep trust and feel the excitement again as our lives unfold. I was feeling that familiar magic again and with it came a great sense of joy.
The world is more connected than ever and we live in a constant state of ‘online’. This for me is the biggest no no. Of course, technology is incredible and I will always welcome its advances but I refuse to see life through a screen more than with my own eyes and heart. I use it mindfully rather than it using me mindlessly. In short I am less iPad and iPhone and more about i, i and i..…I will always favour the real world around me and value our human connections, our dots.
There are many simple ways in which we can enrich both our own lives and of the lives of others. For example, when you are in the supermarket and you have the choice of the self- service machine or a till with a human being, choose the latter even if the Q is longer. As handy as a self-service checkout can be, a machine can’t provide a friendly hello or a warm smile. It certainly can’t replace the power of human connection or make your day brighter. You may just be exactly what that person needed (or vice versa) in that moment to change the course of their whole day, life even, point is we just don’t know what someone is going through so keep the human channels of communication open. Us humans need each other to survive, we need to openly love and connect more freely with one another and of course, trust more.
Only yesterday I had a conversation with the universe about something I needed help with in particular. Literally within two hours of this, the very person that could help crossed my path and we arranged to meet today to discuss how exactly they can assist. It might not always happen that quickly but it will happen, that dot you need to connect with will be placed exactly where needed when you need them. And yes, it is that simple. You just need to be open to receiving the help you have asked for, again, bringing us back to trust. You have simply got to trust how your dots will join!
So start right here and now, do more things that make you forget to check your phone and go dotty for the new year ahead. And even more importantly, enjoy where it leads you!

* this is for all of us who are in need of more dots in their life 🙂