Friends of Ahimsa

I have been fortunate enough to connect with many different people in many wonderful ways as I journey through life. Some are only passing through, some stay a while and some have made them self quite at home! As different as all these people are, the one thing they have in common is that each had a purpose to fulfil and each taught me something new, there is no such thing as a wasted connection (often the reason for meeting isn’t immediately obvious) and we are all here to help each other.

Bearing this in mind, I want to share the love a little and let you discover some of these amazing people for yourselves. You just might find exactly what you need at this moment in time for whatever your needs are. Life is a series of connections…

3 Halves Design, An exciting design company that adds an element of charity and community to everyday business. A big thank you to these guys for all the hard  work, creative input (endless patience!) and delivering an end result better than I ever imagined for Ahimsa. Thank you!

Dulrá Photography, I am so full of gratitude for the time and care Daragh put in to capture the beautiful energies of my singing bowls. To have his passion and incredibly talented work throughout my website is an honour. Thank you!

The Soul Sanctuary, I cannot recommend Marie enough to anyone who is looking for some healing through Reiki. Marie also works alongside me through our mixed workshops.

Spiral Up Therapies, Lou provides a range of wonderful therapies while also making you feel so welcome, safe and right at home. Her kind and energetic nature has been an absolute blessing and I am delighted to recommend her.

What Will Be With Bee, If you feel you need some direction in your life or some motivation and empowerment then Bee is the person to help you through her work as a Numerologist and Life Coach. Bee also delivers her Positive & Assertive Life Skills programme through schools and organisations – PALS 

New Life Florist, I first met Irene when she came to one of my workshops a few years ago. She has an infectious, fun energy about her that just lifts your spirits every time you meet her. Her kindness, big heart and even bigger passion for her work shines through every single one of her floral creations. Meet Irene once, nobody else will simply ever do.

Spreading A Little Kindness, this gorgeous woman has manage to do way more than spread a little kindness. Helen has more than reached all corners of the globe with her big hearted project. Through her random acts of kindness Helen has literally changed peoples lives and even though she is faced with her own challenges she continues to give and give. Well worth listening to some of Helen’s interviews and connecting with her to keep up to date with her kindness mission.

Gandharva Loka, this South Great Georges Street store is an absolute must for lovers of music and sound in all its forms. They mean it when they say “Our aim is to be a source of inspiration to you in discovering your own creativity” – it is an incredible space for everything sound and these guys have plenty of plans to keep the good vibrations rolling!

Saffron and Sapphire, I never need an excuse to visit the ocean but if I did then this would be one. This beautiful little shop based out in Dún Laoghaire is full of Indian and Tibetan hand crafted gifts for health and well being and is also one of my favourite workshop venues.

Beauty by Susan, those of you who prefer to have the luxury environment of a salon created in the comfort of your own home will appreciate this beautiful woman! Susan infuses beauty and holistic well being perfectly with her range of beauty treatments as well as massage and reflexology.