Thinking Out Loud

Forever Chasing Happy? Try The Reverse Bucket List!

So many of us fall into that dreaded cycle of chasing the elusive happy; I’ll be happy when I buy a bigger house, I’ll be happier when I’m two stone lighter, I’ll be happier when blah blah blah…always in the future but never content with being in the now. Sound familiar? Lately many of my conversations with clients have been about this. I don’t know whether the last dregs of new years resolutions are still hanging around or people are finding it harder to be happy these days but I wanted to remind you of a little something I wrote last year in relation to this. Yes we are going back in order to move forward… If you really want a lesson in feeling happier then give this  Reverse Bucket List a go!

Beth @ Ahimsa ♥

I would like to dedicate this months piece to a little princess warrior, who for her mere 4 months on this planet has continued to fight her challenges with grace, strength and unrelenting courage with more gusto than any adult. Feel better soon Elsie!