Thinking Out Loud

Embrace the Void

This is usually the part where each month I share something I have written but whenever I sat down to put my thoughts in print nothing would come. Blank, empty and thoughtless, hmmm usually I have so much to say. Then I realised that was exactly the point.

Sometimes just enjoying the space, the nothingness and the calm mind is exactly what we need. So I decided to take myself off for a glorious soul stroll while my mind was like this and as a result my brain got the chance to download and log every single wonderful detail about my walk. This in turn reconnected and recharged me in ways I can only describe as like someone switching a bright light on. I felt amazing! I had achieved what I so often try to help others achieve, that mindful state of being fully aware and fully alive. I was reminded in that moment of clarity I was helping others without remembering to help myself, I was forgetting to practice what I preach so to speak.

Then I felt a rush of inspiration and suffice to say the aforementioned blank, empty, thoughtless mind was no more. An abundance of great ideas were flowing quicker than I could process. The incredible thing about this was it all came from nothing, literally!

So in the future if you find yourself in the void, don’t run from it, run to it and be ready for the avalanche of greatness that’s about to unfold for you.

Beth at Ahimsa x

I dedicate this piece to all of those who think they have nothing to offer. You do, you always do.