Thinking Out Loud

Delayed Gratification…

Every now and again something happens that reminds me to stop and acknowledge the many great people I have connected with on my life’s path. The importance of how we are all here to help each other and how soul connections can be felt regardless of time, place, situation or distance are there in abundance if we could all only just realise this. This is something I will write about in more depth at another stage (along with the many other things on this list to share with you!) but for now, I am honoured to have one of my soul connections, Hasani Thomas, share his taster piece of inspiration with you all –

There are many reasons why we might find ourselves needing to put things off that we really want in the moment. It might be something we know isn’t the best use of our time. It might be a snack or drink that isn’t the best for our health. or it could be a self-defeating habit or behaviour that doesn’t quite contribute to us achieving our highest potential.

Whatever your “want”, I’ve come to realize that there are 3 major benefits that we get to experience whenever we put one of these desires on hold;

Your Self-Image is Improved – your self-image is strengthened whenever you don’t give in to something you know isn’t the best use of your time. It strengthens your belief in yourself and the way you view yourself because you feel more in control of your life and that you’re living your life with a greater purpose.

You Feel Better In The Present – there’s the good feeling you get from bypassing the guilt you would have felt from wasting so much of your time from doing, eating or drinking something that wasn’t that good for you.

You Get Something To Look Forward To – you get something to look forward to in two ways; first, you get to look forward to the added boost in productivity and self-confidence you’ll have, because you are no longer wasting so much of your precious time and you are now making decisions that are the best for your health and your future! And secondly, if you do still plan to indulge in your “want” from time to time, there’s the added wonderful benefit of having that to look forward to as well! You could set a specific amount of days until you’ll allow yourself to have it again (10-21 days is pretty good but it’s whatever works best for you). This way, there is no contemplation on the days in between on whether or not you should have it! It’s coming up soon on the schedule and you can have that to look forward to!

A bolstered self-image, feeling good in the present, and being excited about the future, all from this one decision to delay your gratification and tell yourself NO!

Written by Hasani Thomas

When Hasani sent me this it got me thinking just how much in this digital age people have gotten use to instant gratification, on so many levels, and just how valuable it is to enjoy the journey to it sometimes instead. Slow down people, live every minute.

I am blessed I can access Hasanis motivational, inspiring and uplifting work on a daily basis and look forward to sharing more with you in the future. Thank you Hasani ॐ