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2hr Soul Session With Sound Healing, Reiki and Meditation

Join Me For A 2 Hour Soul Session With Sound Healing, Reiki and Meditation…

I am very excited about this particular upcoming workshop as this time around I will have the beautiful Marie of The Soul Sanctuary joining us to deliver her divine healing energies through Reiki. Thats double the goodness for you! Spaces are limited and booking is essential (€20 deposit secures your space).

ॐ Sunday 17th February  2-4pm at Angels Love Holistic Centre
ॐ Energy exchange €40 (includes refreshments and gratitude voucher towards a private sound healing / reiki  treatment)
ॐ All you need is an open heart, a mat & anything that makes you cosy

These 2 hours are like a ‘top up’ for the soul, complimenting your nourishment of self. Modern life seems to be getting busier all the time, we seem to be in a constant state of doing with very little time for just being. These soul sessions are designed to give YOU time to relax & check in with yourself. You will get to soak up the healing energies of the Tibetan Singing Bowls, Reiki & experience meditation to help shed the things that no longer benefit you and emerge with a renewed spirit. Allow yourself to just be.

Absolutely everyone is welcome and no experience is needed. You only need to know how to lie down! I look forward to welcoming you to such a wonderful space and enjoying time together to simply be.

As I like to ensure everyone present also receives some individual sound healing & reiki during the session spaces are limited so booking is essential if you would like to join me. Once payment has been received I will be in touch to confirm your space and further details. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have too so please feel free to email me on

Book Your Space Here  ॐ

*available for private groups also, find out more here!